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Contacting the Cornwall Moth Group

Cornwall Moth Group is run on a voluntary basis by enthusiasm volunteers in their spare time. Sometimes this means that responses take longer than you would expect from a commercial organisation.

Moth Identification

Due to the amount of enquires please note that we can only deal with those directly relating to Cornwall. Please DO NOT send large attachments with emails, as not all members have access to broadband, and may not be able to download them.

Our links page has details of moth groups in other parts which may be more able to assist. Or why not join our E-mail community, where your can upload your images and converse with lots of other moth enthusiasts.

Web site related

Contact Jayne Herbert our Web Manager only for things directly relating to our web site.

Sending records

All Cornish moth records will now be looked after by our new County Moth Recorder Leon Truscott.

Click here for details of how and where to send your Cornish moth records.