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Garden Moth Scheme (GMS) in South-west England

Do you enjoy keeping records of the moths you find in your garden? In the south west area we have about 70 recorders in the GMS. The GMS has about 350 recorders nationally.

The ’south west area’ is huge covering the Scillies to Gloucestershire and across to Dorset . I am keen to recruit more recorders in our area as we need lots of recorders to cover such a large area. The more recorders in the scheme the better the statistical analysis will be.

The scheme involves regular trapping on one night a week counting the ‘common’ moths only; 276 species plus 5 aggregate species are on the list for 2013. The numbers are entered on a spreadsheet for each week. This year some recorders have extracted the data direct from map-mate at year end but most still enter them separately on a spreadsheet.

You don’t need a big garden and beginners as well as experts are welcome. There is a chat site for help with ID issues, discussion and photographs. If you may be interested in joining please contact me either by phone or email; g.davis140@btinternet.com, or 01326 250171 or look at the GMS website www.gardenmoths.org.uk .

We encourage our recorders to also send all their records to their county recorder.

There is plenty of feedback and I would be delighted to email any Cornish recorder the latest newsletters for our area and nationally, as well as details of the scheme. Cornwall needs good represention in the GMS and is an important county for moth recording so I am especially keen to recruit some more recorders in that county.

The recording scheme is divided in two periods summer and winter. The next summer scheme starts on MARCH 1st.

Happy mothing.

George Davis